Chiropractors treat problems with joints, nerves and muscles and the effect they have on the nervous system. Treatment is manipulation by hand designed to improve the function of the joints and take the pressure off the nervous system, relieving pain and muscle spasm. People of all ages from babies to older people can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Generally chiropractic treatment does not hurt, but occasionally there might be some short lived discomfort, which passes quickly for most patients. If your problem has been there for a long time you may be sore afterwards as your body adjusts to the treatment.

All Chiropractors at Walton Chiropractic Clinic are members of the British Chiropractic Association and are registered under the General Chiropractic Council which is the statutory regulator for Chiropractors in the UK. Chiropractors are educated to a very high standard and have studied for a minimum of four years full time at an internationally accredited College of Chiropractic. Topics studied include health sciences, including anatomy, physiology, neurology, bio-mechanics, pathology, nutrition, radiology and the taking of X-Rays.

The BCA was founded in 1925 and is the oldest and largest Chiropractic Association in the UK. It represents over 50% of registered chiropractors and was a founding member of the European Chiropractic Union and the World Federation of Chiropractic.

Chiropractic is a Primary Healthcare Profession so you do not need to be referred by your GP. However, a number of GPs do refer directly and with your consent the clinic will communicate with your GP about your treatment, if you so wish.

They are Doctors of Chiropractic, not Registered Medical Practitioners. The award of the title "Doctor of Chiropractic" is an honorary title and is made following graduation.

They are very similar in many ways and both professions are statutory regulated. Some chiropractors take X-rays as an aid to diagnosis where osteopaths in the main do not.

There is research which demonstrates that chiropractic treatment is both safe and effective. The website of the British Chiropractic Association, has further information.

This depends on individual Primary Care Trusts so you will have to ask your GP. Chiropractic is covered by most major Private Healthcare insurance companies such as AXA PPP.

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